Diet Soda Could Cause Premature Births

Everyone knows that pregnant women are supposed to avoid alcohol. But a new report suggests that expectant mothers should also stay away from diet sodas.

The recent study, which was published in the American Society for Clinical Nutrition journal, found that diet drinks are linked with increased risks for premature births. A single diet soda a day was associated with a 38% increased risk of birth before 37 weeks. The risk of a premature birth increased by a whopping 78% in women who drank more than four diet sodas a day. Put down that Diet Coke or Pepsi before you continue reading.

Interestingly, non-diet carbonated drinks (the ones with sugar) did not seem to increase the risk of premature births, which seems to suggest that it is the artificial sweeteners that are the culprit. The study didn’t specify which sweeteners were used.

Even apart from the artificial sweeteners, obstetricians often nix diet soda during pregnancy because of the caffeine.

Chances are good that if you have a diet soda every once in a while during your pregnancy, you and your baby will be just fine. But, it’s probably a good idea to limit your intake of artificial sweeteners anyway. As Rebecca at Being Pregnant writes, “Moms with soda cravings may want to consider this an encouragement to go Regular instead of Diet. Or cool off with a frosty glass of…water.” From babble.

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