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DidYouDiet.com is a new online diet, nutrition and weight loss community that may provide weight loss information, nutritional information and other health information, solely for informational and educational purposes only, which is intended to assist adults in their personal efforts to live healthy.

DidYouDiet.com evolved from the idea that the most abundant and highly valuable source of information on diet, nutrition and weight management is the sum of the views, performances, achievements and recommendations of individuals that make up the broader community.

We think that there is a real need to help people overcome their diet and weight problems. We found it surprising that despite the enormous amount of information and products relating to diet and nutrition in the market place, most of it costing a lot of money, such a large proportion of the population is still becoming overweight. We tried to create an easy to use system that gathers quality information and useful recommendations so that we all can benefit.

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